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Imagine this

6th Nov 2018

Imagine this


With 50 years since the seminal White Album, and the follow ups as the Beatles went their own sweet ways, it seems suitable to use the phrase imagine (Lennon's best solo song)  to look at a bizarre planning application.


Imagine that there is a National Park: as they once said "it is easy if you can".


Imagine then that there is a major intrusive mine planned.


Imagine then that it proffers jobs- of course.


Imagine that it needs survey data- "it is easy if you try".


Imagine that the ecological surveys are conducted poorly. Ditto the previous refrain.


Imagine that the surveyors cite one of your own papers as the basis for the timing of their surveys. Ditto the refrain.


Imagine then that they cite you wrongly, and don't do what they said. At this point, you start to return to the real world.


In the mine case I will return to this over the next few blogs to dissect the corpse of the application. It involves a range of players, including the Park, supine Natural England, the use of the useless (HoLords 2018) NE/Defra standing guidance, hidden documents and the failure to credibly address shining lights in a dark sky environment. Imagine, it might be interesting.



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