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7th Aug 2022



Most of us have some element of a Victor Meldrew hiding in our soul. Muttering as a driver cuts another up, or dog dirt covers a pavement. Not serious, but irksome.


Today, mine was located after trying to walk to the river bridge in search of otters. Normally, it is one eye /ear out for birds before scanning the water from the bridge. Today, after-effects of the town's "vibrant night time economy" (to quote the ex-leader of the District Council) were all to obvious. Instead of eyes up, it was eyes down: shattered glasses, vomit and linked debris on Bridge Street to be circumnavigated.


In the place of a sound track of chattering martins, there were the curses of a Council workman picking up debris. With every part-full plastic glass there was a muttered "c---s" and takeaway trays earnt a "b------s". If found together, then the score was "fbs". 


Later today, the beer tipped out by the workman onto paving slabs, before slotting into his bag, will have become a sticky reminder of the night before. The other Meldrew would be furious. Mine? Just saddened by such selfish vibrancy.

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