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Ecosystem fieldwork

Tim Reed Ecological Consultants: Standards

Informed decision making requires the provision of field data at the highest level and applying recognised standards. This applies equally to the work that we undertake, and to that of others that we review as part of EIA, EcIA and planning assessments.


Since 1998, we have developed a reputation for practical fieldwork and Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services risk appraisal and Corporate strategy work at the highest level in the UK and beyond.


This can be for a simple planning application for a redevelopment of a house in a contentious area or a small housing estate, a contentious wind farm proposal, through to a complex energy or extractive operation in a tropical forest or on a tundra plain: all need informed appraisals based on suitable methods and transparent data. We continue to publish critiques of poor data and poor practices in peer-reviewed journals as part of our work.


A Director works on every project, along with specialists recognised in their field. As a result, there is close liaison with clients at all stages of the project and immediate transfer of knowledge.


Interim and final reports are developed with the client, ensuring that they are targeted to a specific audience, and meet their needs in terms of message, meaning and suitability. We are happy to represent the client at planning committees or in other fora where we feel the case is strong.


With field experience in all ecosystems in the UK  and from the Tropics to the Polar regions, our bespoke teams of specialists bring a wealth of practical experience and knowledge. They are as happy to discuss issues in the field as the Board Room, and are skilled in presentation to lay, academic, Public Inquiry and corporate audiences.


Tim Reed Environmental Consultants' skills at field survey (especially bats and birds) and data assessment and presentation are now being sought for planning submissions and planning appeals in the UK, as understanding the meaning of field data is key to the support, or dismantling, of planning cases.