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Tim Reed chartered biologist

Tim Reed Ecological Consultants


Dr Tim Reed

Dr Tim Reed is our lead  and, where needed, assembles bespoke teams of subject specialists as appropriate to each contract.

Tim  has degrees from Cambridge (BA, MA), and a D.Phil from Oxford in Zoology: Ornithology. He has 30 plus years of post doctoral experience in ornithology and ecology in the Government and Private Sector in the UK and across a wide range of taxa and ecosystems worldwide. In 2017 Tim was elected a Fellow of CIEEM in recognition of his contribution to surveys and data standards in the UK.


Formerly Statutory adviser to  the UK Government on Ornithology, he subsequently developed the models for site management planning  and  monitoring for areas of nature conservation importance that are used in the statutory agencies and voluntary sector on the UK's SSSIs and Natura 2000 sites. 


Much of his work involves undertaking or appraising  risk assessments, research proposals, or EIAs for their suitability in determining BES impacts. This includes the use or collection of baseline data for monitoring. This ranges from single housing developments through to major public utility proposals.


He is also involved in designing and testing baseline data collection and monitoring protocols in the UK and tropical, temperate and arctic environments in the field, both on and offshore. He has published extensively, and,  as a former journal editor, uses these skills for Tim Reed Ecological Consultants, when commissioned to edit major reports or documents.



We build teams of subject specialists: botanists, zoologists and social scientists as needed for each project.