time passes

21st May 2020

Time passes


It seems a common problem in lock-down: working out which day of the week it is. Clients seem to have lost track, and deadlines span weekends and weeks. That makes blog filling a less predictable event.


Birds seem to be fitting in with more of a pattern. Late-arriving species such as swifts and reed warblers have still to build up numbers, whilst early birds are toning down all of that sexual proclamation; at least until there is a chance of a second brood.


The swifts are either lagging behind, or down again. With a high so far of five, numbers are not good. On the flip side, an average of two cuckoos per warbler survey is a definite up. Incidental records of raptors continue: sparrowhawks, hobby kites, peregrine all featured in the last week, whilst numbers of butterflies drop. Holly blues seem the most resilient, and common blue damselflies are out and about, with brief visits by an unknown hawker.