Living on the edge

8th Apr 2019

Living on the edge


As the last but two house on the edge of town you get to experience more of the adjacent water and meadow life than the others towards the centre of town probably do.


A week or so ago, there was a late night bark. Nothing unusual, dog walkers are a common feature of the twilight zone on the edge of town. Nothing, except for no obvious dog walker. I happily logged off and went back to sleep (until the 4am tawny owl). The likely owner/ species of the bark was a bit more obvious yesterday, as a muntjac was happily munching its way through the bottom flower border.


As we also nurture vegetables on raised beds some 30m  away, the sight of a deer wasn't 100% unalloyed joy.


Whilst the deer will have come through the hedge in the quiet of night, Sundays are a steady thrum of cars and footfall along the pavement. As we went out to look at it, the deer (it was a she) would move from thicket to thicket. Trying to cultivate and plant out veg plants, with an eye out for a deer skulking along the bottom of the garden wall, was interesting.


Covering new plants with wire cloches was wise, as she moved onto the beds once we went in.


In the quiet early evening she moved quite often, but never through the hedge. Thankfully, this morning we are muntjac-less for the while. But not fox-free...


Other locals still include carrion crows in one of the trees, tawny owls most night, and signs of several warblers on territory. Blackbirds have fledged, but are being depleted by a female sparrowhawk. Pipistrelles and soprano pipistrelles are now getting back to business.


Just think how much busier life might be in the country.